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Oh, boy. If you have seen a raccoon digging through your trash can at night, you have a real problem. Where there is one, there are always more. Don’t’ lose another night’s sleep. Contact the experts at World Class Wildlife Removal today!

Chasing Out Raccoons Permanently

If you have heard rustling papers at night or woken to the trash all over your lawn, the culprit is almost certainly… the masked bandit… the raccoon. Now, if you hear the same sounds in the attic or garage, you have an entirely more urgent problem at hand. But you don’t have to concern yourself with it for any more time. World Class Wildlife Removal knows just how to chase them out for good.

Professional Raccoon Removal Keeps Your Home Safe

So, you think the bandits have gotten into the attic, crawl space, or garage? Well, there is nothing more frightening; we get it. Not to mention, they are messy and smelly critters. They will tear up your insulation and anything else they can find to make a nest. They also urinate and defecate where they live. Let’s not get into that awful odor! Finally, they are vicious when approached and can carry diseases like rabies. Go ahead, scream. Then call on the friendly wildlife removal services at World Class.

Raccoon Removal

Living in Florida, we deal with unbearable heat most of the year. Local Raccoons are looking for relief from that heat as well as food, water, and shelter. When they can find an entry point to your home to set out of the heat and nest, they are happy to take it. And they will get in and make themselves comfortable quickly!

The experts at World Class Wildlife Removal can take the burden of chasing them away from your hands. What's more, we will even clean up after them and their mess.

Raccoon Infestations

Of course, you know raccoons are much larger than other rodents, like mice and rats. It's not as easy to get rid of them as just placing a trap. The traps are much larger, and you can't just pick them up on the grocery store's pest control aisle.

Additionally, they can multiply very quickly. Most likely, if you hear them, there are already a few raccoons up there, and you will need help for sure. And remember, raccoons carry diseases, rabies, and flea, and ticks. And when challenged, they will attack. This is a dangerous situation to be in, not just a nuisance.

It is critical that you enlist the help of a Wildlife Removal Specialist like World Class to remove the infestation.

The Procedure of Raccoon Removal

There are several careful steps the wildlife expert takes to remove the raccoons from your home. Let's say you have an infestation in the attic. Here is the process the technician will begin.

  • Identifying the population of the infestation is first.
  • Then the technician will find the points of entry and seal all but the main line of traffic.
  • One the one entry left open, most trappers will install a one-way door so that they can get out but not back in. This way, the raccoons who escape can get out safely.
  • At this point, the traps are set.
  • Once all the raccoons are caught and removed, the cleanup can begin.
  • Now that last point of entry will be sealed.
  • The cleanup process involves removing any mess left, disinfecting the area, fixing any damage, and deodorizing the area.

Finally, the wildlife expert will attempt to remove any trails and things that may have been inviting the raccoons in. Then you, the homeowner, can ensure they don't find your home attractive again.

This is why it is so helpful to call World Class Wildlife Removal in to get them out before too much damage is done.

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