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How Do Mouse Infestations Happen?

Many people are shocked to find out they have mice. Some people equate this problem to being dirty or other things.

Anyone can get mice. Mice want the same things humans do. They’ll enter homes in search of shelter, warmth, and a food supply especially if the cooler climates of winter are around the corner.

Because of the Florida landscape, we are always surrounded by wildlife. You have to remember that where your home is was once just forest and swamp. As we take over spaces that were once wild, animals become displaced and seek refuge in new hideaways.

In this case, that hideaway happened to be your walls, attic, and crawl space.

Even Diligent Cleaning and Care Doesn’t Always Prevent Infestation

Mice are small. So small that they can fit almost anywhere. They can also squish their tiny bodies practically flat while making their way under a door or into a crevice.

This means that even tiny openings can look like grand entrances to a mouse in need. All they need is a hole the size of a pencil width to gain entry. So, don’t be embarrassed.

Mice can happen to anyone. The real issue is handling the infestation as soon as possible.

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