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The Most Common Squirrel Species in Florida

Different species of squirrels are happy to live in the same attic so, it might not just be one you’re dealing with. Here are the most common species of squirrel in Florida.

While the damage different species cause is similar it’s important to know what kind of squirrels you have so that the proper measures can be taken to remove them. Most of the variations are with size and the color of fur.

Grey Squirrels

The most common and the most frequently seen in residential neighborhoods. They birth 3-4 young at a time twice a year in spring and late summer. They jump incredibly high, run up the side of homes, and cause chewing and scratching damage all over suburbia.

Flying Squirrels

While these nocturnal little rodents don’t actually fly they do glide through the air with the greatest of ease. These squirrels have been increasing in population in Florida and can have as many as 7 young in one litter.

Due to their excellent homing abilities removal should only be attempted by a professional team of wildlife experts.

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