Wildlife And Rodent Cleanup, Sanitation, And Prevention

Rodent Cleanup and Disease Decontamination Services in Tampa

All of the problems that come along with wildlife removal and rodent infestation control don’t simply get solved once the animals are removed and relocated. There are reasons that they were able to enter your property, different things that attract them to certain areas, and big messes that they leave behind. We want you to be comfortable and safe in your home, which is why we provide cleanup, sanitization, and prevention services alongside our wildlife and rodent removal.

Cleanup and sanitization

Once we have trapped, exterminated, and/or removed wildlife, we make sure that your home or business shows no sign that we were there in the first place. We’re not going to lie, a part of being in the wildlife removal business is that we have to get our hands dirty, and things get messy sometimes. Our team utilizes eco-friendly, safe, and organic methods to control wildlife and rodents, as well as clean up the mess if there is one. We perform remediation and sanitation services to eliminate lingering smells, animal nests, or leftover debris that could bring more wildlife in the future. 

Cleanup and sanitation is critical for making sure that disease doesn’t spread. Mice and rats spread more than 35 different diseases globally, including dangerous ones like plague, tularemia, lyme disease, West Nile virus, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). We put extra time and energy into a thorough decontamination and pathogen analysis process so that you and your family are safe and healthy.


Prevention is key. We go above and beyond many wildlife removal services by implementing preventative measures that ensure that the same problem doesn’t happen again. Before and after a large infestation problem is taken care of, or an animal is safely removed, we inspect the area to learn how it got there in the first place. 

Once we have identified a point of entry, maybe a hole in the wall or bent or broken wire in a fence, we notify the owner and seal the entrance. This includes inspecting and sealing holes in the foundation or attic, as well as looking for large cracks that could expose your home to potential uninvited critters and animals. Lastly, a key part to prevention includes identifying sources that attract animals. This entails checking trash cans and nearby garbage dumps, pet food and animal feed, swimming pools, compost piles, and more.

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World Class Wildlife Removal

Safe & Effective Pest Control Services in Clearwater, FL

Florida is home to a vast and diverse amount of pests, and the little ones can be the most invasive, damaging, and toughest to remove and eliminate. While pest control is a constant battle, our goal is for you to have peace of mind in your home by providing an extensive inspection followed by a customized plan and pest control intervention that is 100% organic and safe for you, your family, and pets.

Wildlife Inspection and Control

Leveraging non-poisonous, organic, and eco-friendly pest control methods and technologies, our experienced team can take care of all of your pest problems without spraying dangerous and harmful chemicals. Afterwards, we make sure to sanitize the areas we worked on, and make sure that entry holes are sealed and pest-friendly areas are secured from future infestations. 

Each of our pest control experts and partners at World Class Wildlife Removal and Rodent Remediation Co are equipped with safety best practices, top-of-the-line pest control technologies, and trained to provide excellent customer service. 

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