Sarasota County Wildlife & Rodent Removal


Unwanted animal and pest intruders can cause a lot of property damage, as well as spread harmful diseases. When you contact our animal nuisance and pest control technicians at World Class Wildlife Removal and Rodent Remediation Co., we get to your home or business in Sarasota County within the hour. We provide free rodent inspections, and after we eliminate your wildlife or pest problem, we provide thorough prevention and disease decontamination services. An overview of our services is below. If you want to learn more about our wildlife and pest solutions, check out our services page, or contact us today.

We'll Be There Within the Hour

At World Class Wildlife Removal and Rodent Remediation, we provide fast, 24-hour animal nuisance and pest control solutions that are organic, eco-friendly, and safe for your business, family, and pets. We have 30+ years of experience handling wild animals and pests, such as raccoons, bats, squirrels, snakes, rats, and more. We offer free rodent inspections, as well as extensive remediation, decontamination, and sanitation services following all of our trapping, removal, and extermination solutions to help prevent future pest and animal nuisances.

24-Hour Pest Control & Wildlife Removal In Sarasota County

As a veteran-owned business with over 30 years of experience, there is no one you can trust more than World Class Wildlife Removal. Our number one priority is your safety and comfort, and we guarantee top-quality customer service within the hour. Fill out the form below to get started, or feel free to call us today for all of your wildlife and pest control needs in Sarasota!