World Class Wildlife Removal: St. Pete Beach, Florida

The year-round warm, summery weather in St. Pete Beach, FL, makes the area an active place for wildlife and pests. Whether you own a home in St. Pete Beach or you are a landlord working to maintain a safe and comfortable rental property, you may occasionally encounter wildlife trying to get into your home, garage, or yard.

This presents a safety issue for everyone in the household, which is why we offer prompt wildlife removal to St Pete Beach. Here are some of the types of wildlife we remove from the St. Pete Beach area and why it is important for you to call us as soon as possible when you notice one of these critters in or near your home.


Mice are more than a nuisance. They carry many viruses and bacteria that could make you sick. We offer a range of mouse removal services, including glue traps, snap traps, and more. We safely remove all mouse nesting materials.


Like mice, rats will chew through almost anything. Their droppings and urine contain germs harmful to your health. Rats may also bite you or your pets. Their fleas can also spread diseases to you or your pets. We have several solutions for this type of wildlife removal St Pete Beach.


Raccoons are known for making a mess wherever they go. They will dig through your trash, upend your garden and attempt to nest in your attic. When disturbed, they may attack. Raccoons may also carry rabies, putting you and your pets at risk.

We trap and remove raccoons from your St. Pete Beach area home.


Squirrels are another type of rodent that can wreak havoc in your St. Pete Beach home.

They are known to chew through insulation and wiring in order to create a nesting area. Our wildlife removal St Pete Beach includes humane squirrel removal.


Although foxes are not common in St. Pete Beach, they do occasionally show up. They may attack small pets, which is why they need prompt wildlife removal St Pete Beach. We humanely trap and relocate foxes away from your property.


Skunks mostly want to eat grubs and other lawn pests, but when startled, they will spray. Because skunks have poor vision, they spray in order to deter threats. Mother skunks will also spray in order to protect their babies.

If you notice a skunk on your property, contact us for prompt wildlife removal St Pete Beach. We humanely trap skunks and relocate them to a place away from residential areas.

Possums and Gophers

Possums also eat nuisance insects, especially ticks. However, they and gophers dig tunnels and dens, which could leave a big mess on your lawn. We safely trap and relocate possums and gophers.

Bats and Birds

Bats and birds may be fun to watch, but you don’t want them to build a nest in your home. Their droppings contain dangerous bacteria and viruses. Bat bites also transmit rabies. Our wildlife removal services in St. Pete Beach include humane trapping and release for bats and birds.


The warm, humid climate of St. Pete Beach allows snakes to thrive. Venomous snakes are a threat to you and your pets. If you see a snake, call us to remove it. We safely trap all types of venomous snakes.

Contact us today to make sure your St Pete Beach home gets the World Class Wildlife Removal services it deserves!

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