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There are only so many things as unnerving as hearing something scratching around in your walls or over your head while you are in your house. It certainly makes it uncomfortable to sleep at night, not knowing what exactly has invaded your home. For wildlife removal Dunedin, Florida residents rely on the experts.

Finding Out Just What Is Trying to Live in Your Home With You

If you are lucky, the animal pest in your home is something relatively harmless, like a squirrel or chipmunk. If you are not so lucky, you probably have bats, mice, rats, raccoons, or opossums!

Our wildlife removal experts will check around the outside of your Dunedin home, check your roof for entry points, and then check your attic for signs of wildlife.

Even if the offending animal or animals are not present during the day, they do leave behind urine and droppings to let you know what kind of animals they are. Of course, if you have a problem with bats, that will be immediately obvious since bats will sleep all day and remain in their chosen areas of the attic.

Removal of the animals starts with blocking all of the places where they may be getting in and then trapping them so that they can’t get out.

Trapping the Animals

There is a trap for every kind of animal. As smart as raccoons and opossums can be, they can’t refuse a live cage trap baited with cat food or some other fresh “meat”. Mice and rats are easily caught with live box traps, glue traps, and snap traps.

Bats have to be captured in a net to remove them, and then the bats have to be released into the wild after you have had your attic or bat-infested area thoroughly cleaned and sealed off from the bats’ return. (Bats are notorious for returning to a nesting place even when that nesting place has been sealed, so it is important to block all entrances to stop them from coming back into your home.)

Bats are also protected by law here in Dunedin, so they cannot be killed.

Cleaning Up After the Animals Have Been Removed

Animals will always gravitate toward the pheromones found in urine and droppings. This is what brings them back to the same location, and what attracts others from the same animal group to come inside.

After our technicians complete your wildlife removal in Dunedin we will be sure that a thorough cleaning is conducted on the areas of the house where the pest or pests defecated and urinated.

If possible, remove these soiled materials (e.g., soiled insulation, soiled drywall, etc.) and replace them with fresh materials. Additionally, the soiling of these areas causes major damage to your home. The longer you wait to remove the pests, the worse it becomes and the more difficult it is to clean up the problem.

Most home insurance companies will not pay for the cleanup either since it is the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent pest invasions in the first place.

Other Means of Prevention

If you have animals making their way into your attic and/or walls, there is probably an access point or two that helps them make the leap to the roof. This typically involves a tree with large overhanging limbs or a tree that is really close to your home.

Consider removing the trees and other overhanging greenery that aid these animals in finding a way into your home. Pest control does not provide these services, but they can point out which trees, greenery, and shrubs may be contributing to your problem.

Do you have a wildlife issue at your Dunedin home or business? Contact World Class Wildlife Removal today for your free inspection.

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