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Wildlife can cause severe damage to your Safety Harbor, Florida home, or office. They can destroy insulation, electrical wiring, cables, security systems, and much more. Some rodents can even chew through your wood and weaken your home’s integrity. At World Class Wildlife Removal, we are skilled at LIVE and humane wildlife removal, relocation, and remediation in and around Safety Harbor. We provide 24/7 services and free rodent inspections fast in Safety Harbor.

Ours is a veteran-owned business that takes the safety of your home and family seriously. Our experienced removal specialists have dealt with rat removal, bat removal, mice removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, coyote removal, and more.

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Humane Wildlife Removal in Safety Harbor, Florida

We use trapping methods that are both effective and humane. First, we perform a thorough inspection to determine what type of rodent, or other nuisance animal, is inside your home or business.

We offer prompt, dependable 24-hour emergency Safety Harbor animal removal services along with a variety of scheduled services that make us your one-stop-shop for anything involving local wildlife removal.

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded wildlife removal and rodent extermination company based in the Safety Harbor, Florida area so we know what you're facing. Relax and trust that you will receive excellent customer service and quality results with World Class Wildlife Removal and Rodent Remediation. Call us at 727-204-8461 today for a free inspection.

The Most Common Wildlife in Safety Harbor, Florida

People are surprised about the plethora of wildlife running around Pinellas Park when they get here. While it seems like a small suburban community there are still a ton of Florida critters out and about. Here are some of the most common wildlife in Pinellas Park.


Believe it or not, this area is one of the hot spots for rat activity in the country. These disgusting rodents are drawn by open food and shelter and burrow their way into your attic. They cause awful fire hazards and cause an incredible amount of damage to your home.

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Squirrels aren't just cute animals that run around the yard. These critters cause holes in your roof, attic damage, and destroy insulation to make their nests.

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Bats are nocturnal animals that carry a ton of diseases and ruin the spaces they occupy with droppings. Keep them away from your home and out of your yard.

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World Class Wildlife Removal is Near You Safety Harbor!

No matter what type of furry or feathered beast is plaguing your Safety Harbor home or business, World Class Wildlife Removal and Rodent Remediation has the specialist ready to humanely remove them for good. Trust our professionals to get the job done and cleanup after.

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