Hillsborough County Wildlife Removal


Bats or raccoons in the attic? Snake, armadillo, or opossum in the garage? Even if you just have a sneaking feeling that there is an animal or pest somewhere in your house, or somewhere on your property causing damage, contact World Class Wildlife Removal and Rodent Remediation in Hillsborough County to get a free inspection within the hour. If you do have an animal nuisance or pest problem, we guarantee safe, eco-friendly, and fast solutions.

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With more than 30 years of happy customers and extensive experience trapping and removing wildlife and pests, you can count on World Class Wildlife Removal for all of your residential and commercial animal issues in Hillsborough. Fill out the form below for a free consultation, or call us today to get a free inspection within the hour!

Fast, Safe, & Eco-Friendly Critter Catching

It’s not uncommon to find a wild animal or come across a pest problem in Florida, especially in Hillsborough County where the urban and suburban population is so large that it puts people and animals in close contact. From raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, and snakes, nuisance animals, wildlife, and pests can cause damage to your home and property, as well as threaten the safety of pets and families. That’s when World Class Wildlife Removal & Rodent Remediation steps in to provide free inspections, non-poisonous trapping, and safe and sanitary wildlife and rodent removal and remediation.