World Class Wildlife Removal in Hillsborough County

Do you have bats, raccoons, or other vermin in the attic? Maybe a snake, armadillo, or opossum got into the garage to nest? Even if you just have a sneaking feeling that there is an animal or pest somewhere in your house or somewhere on your property causing damage, contact World Class Wildlife Removal in Hillsborough County to get a free inspection the same day. If you have an animal nuisance or pest problem, we guarantee safe, eco-friendly, and fast solutions.

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Fast, Safe, & Eco-Friendly Critter Control

It’s not uncommon to find a wild animal or come across a pest problem in Florida. Especially in Hillsborough County, the urban and suburban population is so large that it puts people and animals in close contact. From raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, and snakes, nuisance animals, wildlife, and pests can damage your home and property. They even threaten the safety of pets and families. 

That’s when World Class Wildlife Removal steps in to provide free inspections, non-poisonous trapping, and safe and sanitary wildlife and rodent removal and remediation. 

Your One-Stop-Shop for Hillsborough County Wildlife Removal

Full-service critter removal and remediation is our job; complete customer satisfaction is our goal. With the dedicated team at World Class, you will be free of pests in no time and without incident to you and your family. When you schedule an appointment with us, you will experience the excellent treatment and pest removal services listed below.

  • Inspection of the area and potential entry points.
  • Identification of on-location critters and pests.
  • Safe trapping of the animals on the property.
  • Removal of the traps and animals.
  • Disposal or relocation of the animals caught.
  • Clean up of the nesting area.
  • Disinfection of the nest area and all paths traveled by the vermin.
  • Remediation of any torn-up places.

Finally, we will re-address all the potential entry points and attractors on the home and property and get them all sealed off. That way, the pests cannot return and gain entry to your home. Now that is a full-service critter removal you can trust.

Why We Remove Wildlife in Hillsborough County

You may be asking yourself why we need to remove the critters. Can’t we just live with them in harmony? Well, if you don’t mind being kept up all night by vermin in the attic or raccoons digging in your garbage, then we suppose you may make that choice.

However, the sad news is that wildlife carry diseases into our homes and to our families. There is the main reason we help our community in Hillsborough get the vermin out of their homes and yards. Rodents like mice and rats spread disease through their saliva, urine, feces, dead, and bites. In fact, there are more than 30 identified diseases that can spread directly to humans. That is nothing to mess with.

The World Class Wildlife Removal professionals take the safety measures required to keep the technicians and the customers safe from disease. 

Contact World Class if you suspect a rodent or other wildlife invasion in your home.

Count on World Class for Wildlife Removal

With more than 30 years of happy customers and extensive experience trapping and removing wildlife, you can count on World Class Wildlife Removal for all your residential and commercial animal issues in Hillsborough. We are proud to serve Hillsborough County in the areas of Plant City, Temple Terrace, and the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

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